Can I bring my kids to the MRBE?
Absolutely! This event is a great way to introduce kids to the hobby and entrance for kids 12 and under is FREE.

Can I bring my pets, too?
The only animals on site should be those brought by breeders – sorry.

What form of payment do the vendors accept?
Payment types vary by vendor. Some accept credit or debit cards, but not all. The best way to avoid disappointment is to bring cash.

Is this event accessible?
Yes. There is plenty of disability-friendly parking and no stairs or other barriers at the venue.

I’m a little nervous about reptiles. Is there anything to worry about?
Not at all. Animals are kept securely in enclosures and are only taken out under the supervision of vendors. You won’t come in contact with anything you don’t want to.

Anything else I should know?
For the health and safety of the vendors and their animals and due to covid protocols handling of any animals in the venue for this expo,  will be at vendors discretion..